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"So you want to meet God Awareness, but there is no separate you apart from God Awareness. There is only God Awareness. So if you want to meet God Awareness, the idea of a separate YOU must disappear, and then God Awareness will appear to you as your Self." ~ Kfir Yoel Benyamin

Satsang With Spiritual Life Coach Kfir Yoel Benyamin

What is Satsang? Satsang is a guided self inquiry to find the truth of who and what you really are in order to liberate you from what you're not. The awakening to who we really are is the answer to all our questions, and all our problems. Here at satsang you may express yourself however you like without having to worry about being judged. Beings who attend satsang are seeking what you are seeking, which is total liberation from ego, and suffering. Satsang retreats are designed to give you a comfortable space to look within, and remember who and what you really are. For more information on upcoming satsang retreats and events, please check out our event page. Space is limited, so register now to reserve your seat.